You're likely here because: 

❌ You're experiencing inconsistent (rollercoaster) sales results.

❌ 'Winging It' or 'Hit & Hope' seem to be fairly common strategies when it comes to your sales approach.

❌ You can see opportunity is out there, but find yourself in 'reactive mode', leaving the biggest deals just beyond your reach.

Life in the world of project sales is a unique and challenging experience.

It isn't just the normal, standard sales role that others get to arrive at every day. Project sales take focused time, a highly creative strategy and laser-sharp number crunching to come home with the win.

Millions of dollars and profoundly meaningful business relationships are at stake.

And the hardest part?

 There's no prize for second place. No participation awards. No consolation for those who 'tried their best but failed'. 

That's why a predictable and proven sales methodology is essential for success in the modern marketplace.

And that's why 'The 6 Week Fast-Start' program was created for you. Now responsible for helping over 400 companies bring in over $950M+ in fresh project sales across Australia, NZ, UK and the USA.

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 Over 6 weeks, your team will work closely with the creators of the '6 Week Fast-Start' Program, Steve Claydon & Darcy J Smyth as together you: 

✅ Develop and refine a winning sales process & structure (finally allowing your sales results to be predictable & consistent).

✅ Build confidence and capability within your team to find and win new business (without the need for micromanaging).

✅ Discover a deep understanding of both sales psychology & strategy (so no sales ever 'slip through your fingers' again).

✅ Establish and implement a tailored sales growth plan within your sales org (and watch your sales team come to life while hitting new company records).


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A Gin & Tonic enthusiast, known fondly for creating some of the most effective business development strategies and sales tools directly after consumption. Responsible for $1.2 Billion in additional sales growth globally. Creator of The Sales Game & Champions League. Cofounder @ Outbound. Podcast host. Author. A proud husband and father of two girls. Connect on LinkedIn

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Equally obsessive about human behaviour as Kit Kats. With an official psychology background, the sales playbook has never been written so clearly. Creator of The Sales Game & The Champions League. Cofounder @ Outbound. Author. Podcast Host. Responsible for giving thousands the hidden power of reading between the lines that pays astronomically.

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 So are we! Let's make that happen... 

Thank you! We will be in touch with you soon!


Bravo has provided us with a range of key concepts that have helped grow our business significantly from the previous year.

 Thank you for your epic personalised advice and guidance over the past six weeks that has empowered the team with the tools, confidence and cadence of accountability to secure deals that increased revenue 300%.  Your passion and energy is the inspiration for success. 

I have been through numerous executive level sales training courses over the years however, none of the previous trainers presented the material like Steve does in his style of simplicity so that our team can embrace and use the techniques with instant results.