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 You're likely here because: 

❌ HubSpot is the largest tech investment you make in your projects sales team every year, and you know you’re not getting the most you can out of it. 

❌ Your pipeline, automations and processes were set up quite a while ago, and your CRM hasn’t evolved along with the business growth.

❌ The team aren’t proactive in entering CRM notes and data, meaning your reporting and forecasting are unreliable each month.

HubSpot has rapidly become one of the most powerful CRMs in the world, with more and more projects sales teams making the switch moving forward.

It’s intuitive to use, can service a buyer’s full journey from cold-to-closed and offers reporting and analytics personalised just to our liking. But unless we’re shown how, so many of these features can simply remain invested in but ignored, expensive but forgotten. It’s not the way the CRM was intended to be built.

But when designed in a way that perfectly suits the construction and manufacturing sales setup, it can be a powerhouse for sales growth.

Sometimes even just the smallest of changes to the HubSpot CRM (which can be the simplest to implement) can have the most profound impact on an entire projects sales engine overall.

And the best part?

 You don't have to spend hours trying to figure it out on your own. We know what works for project sales teams. 

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That's why so many sales teams are investing in the opportunity to get it right.

And that's where Why Bravo’s ‘HubSpot Optimisation’ program comes in. Brought to you by the same founders of the 6 Week Fast Start and Outbound Game methodologies (designed specifically for HubSpot integration) - now responsible for helping hundreds of leaders to bring in over $2.8B+ in fresh project sales across Australia, NZ, UK, Canada and the USA.


 Over 6 weeks, you will work closely with the creators of the 'HubSpot Sales Optimisation' Program, Steve Claydon & Darcy J Smyth as together you: 

✅ Develop and refine your own winning sales pipeline process & structure specifically designed for high-performing project teams (including how to identify growth gaps and fill them with implementation programs that work).

✅ Understand the psychological drivers of performance (both for yourself and your team - learn how to tailor your leadership approach dependent on the driver at hand).

✅ Implement World Class Sales Pipeline Frameworks (the practicalities of running a high-performing sales org day-to-day).

✅ Become an Accredited Game Designer to bridge growth gaps and fast track HubSpot implementation (have the ability to design and develop games that drive performance, this can be used not only in sales but any department within an organisation).


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A Whisky enthusiast, known fondly for creating some of the most effective business development strategies and sales tools directly after consumption. Responsible for $2.8 Billion in additional sales growth globally. Cofounder of The Outbound Game. Podcast host and 7x Author. A proud husband and father of two girls and a boy.

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Equally obsessive about human behaviour as Kit Kats. With an official psychology background, the sales playbook has never been written so clearly.  Cofounder of The Outbound Game. Author. Podcast Host. Responsible for giving thousands the hidden power of reading between the lines that pays back astronomically time and time again.

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 So are we! Let's make that happen... 

Thank you! We will be in touch with you soon!

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Bravo has provided us with a range of key concepts that have helped grow our business significantly from the previous year.

 Thank you for your epic personalised advice and guidance over the past six weeks that has empowered the team with the tools, confidence and cadence of accountability to secure deals that increased revenue 300%.  Your passion and energy is the inspiration for success. 

I have been through numerous executive level sales training courses over the years however, none of the previous trainers presented the material like Steve does in his style of simplicity so that our team can embrace and use the techniques with instant results.

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