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The following questionnaire is designed with one important outcome in mind: To highlight the challenges that will need to be overcome if your sales results are to continue to grow into the new economic future we are now facing.


You will notice each question has two components. The first component is considered an 'external' component where the answers will be able to be sourced based on evidence your company will have access to. The answers to these questions are completely objective and measurable.


The second component is considered the 'internal' component and requires you to score yourself based on your own perspective, intuition and beliefs. Together, they give us a well-rounded picture of how you and your team are performing on any given scale. ​​



Bravo has provided us with a range of key concepts that have helped grow our business significantly from the previous year.

 Thank you for your epic personalised advice and guidance over the past four weeks that has empowered the team with the tools, confidence and cadence of accountability to secure deals that increased revenue 300%.  Your passion and energy is the inspiration for success. 

I have been through numerous executive level sales training courses over the years however, none of the previous trainers presented the material like Steve does in his style of simplicity so that our team can embrace and use the techniques with instant results.

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