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The Project Principle: 


"How To Create Singularity Of Purpose & Scale Your Company Exponentially"


Business from the outside can make it seem like you've 'got it all'. Especially when it allows you to travel the world and live a life with choice.


But what happens when two 'twenty something' businessmen accidentally peel back the layers of their 'filtered' lives they present to the world?


What happens when they question things so deeply, they find there's no turning back from what they eventually discover about themselves?


This is the side of business no one was meant to see.


This is the side of 'success' we often try to hide.


This is your guide into the unspoken world of scaling a company.


Dare to enter the void?


  • 14 Days
  • 7 Cities Across Germany
  • 113 Kms Walked
  • 80,000 Words Written
  • 20+ Hours Filmed
  • 1 Book
  • 1 Documentary
  • 1 Life Changing Experience

The Project Principle - Ebook

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